Supply Chain Management Division

In addition to domestic and overseas trading functions and integrated logistics services, the SCM Business Division supports both OEMs and parts/components suppliers to minimize risks by efficiently performing various tasks in global procurement, such as selecting the qualified suppliers, conducting on-site audit, finalizing mass production specifications, establishment of manufacturing and quality control management systems, and setting up spar parts.
Furthermore, by providing value-added services such as simple assembly, product inspection, and quality control support, the division supports the stable procurement and supply of mass-production parts required by the automobile and motorcycle industries, and also offer substitue delivery as Tier 1.
In the bearing industry, we have been manufacturing and selling bearings for many years in China, where is the largest market in the world,and responded to various requests from our domestic and overseas customers. Especially in the industrial machinery field, the bearings are supplied for a wide range of industrial applications through our dealer network.


  • Over 20 years, efficient operation using our VMI warehouse located very near manufacturing site of motorcycle manufacture in Europe have been realizing stable parts supply to their production line.
    We are also actively expanding our business into downstream field. In Thailand, we started distributor business for KTM and BAJAJ brand motorcycles in 2020.

AUTRANS BUSINESS (Auto parts Transportation)

AUTRANS support supply chain management, sourcing and development for domestic and overseas OEMs, including commercial vehicle manufacturers, to fulfill stable procurement for mass production parts.
In Thailand and Indonesia, integrated logistic service as Tier 1 supplier is available from AUTRANS distribution center such as import and export, inventory management, sub-assembly, quality control, and just-in-time delivery, while providing agent service as Tier 1 supplier to OEMs.


  • We are broadening and strengthening the supply chain through material procurement/processing/sales for the bearings and its components, based on the market strategy, and also expanding our business from the Chinese market where we have strength into other markets.
    We will strengthen the midstream field by expanding from handling of individual components to the OEM supply of bearings, and developing bearing parts technology into bearing-derived automobiles components.
    We will also make new business proposals to promote the growth of sales dealers and advance into the downstream field with the aim of service business such as repair and maintenance.

【Thailand】Autrans (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Established 1998
    Capital THB 40,000,000
    Shareholder Sojitz Group 76%
    Location Bangkok (HQ), Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Samrong
    Customers Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Ford/Mazda, Aisin AI
    Products Antennas, Transmission components, Accelerator Pedals, Mirrors, etc.

【Indonesia】PT. Autrans Asia Indonesia

  • Established 2014
    Capital IDR 45,658,470,000
    Shareholder Sojitz Group 100%
    Location Greenland International Industrial Center (HQ and Warehouse)
    Customers Mitsubishi Motors, Suzuki, Astra Daihatsu, NHK
    Products Seat components, Light, Antennas, Speedometers, etc.