Marine & Heavy Industries Division

The Heavy Industries and Marine Division handles a diverse range of products for the domestic primary materials industry (mainly ferrous and non-ferrous) and the shipping industry, including general merchant ships, gas carriers such as LNG/LPG carriers, and work vessels for offshore wind power installations.
We offer a wide range of products, from high-quality products manufactured in Europe and Japan to products with high levels of cost-performance manufactured in Asia, and we deal with customers throughout the world via activities involving the installation of new technologies and introducing them to new products.

Providing total solutions based on extensive experience

Steelmaking plants

  • We deliver various types of facilities and equipment, and peripheral equipment to blast furnace mills in Japan, their group companies and other major electric furnace manufacturers.
    We provide solutions in alignment with customer needs, including upgrading aging equipment, streamlining, capacity enhancement, and environmental measures, etc., and we are very proud of the extensive experience and results that we have accumulated over the course of many years. Amid the recent business environment in which customers wish to create a carbon-free society as swiftly as possible and in which attention is being paid to advances in DX technologies, we are introducing new European technologies for iron making that contribute to decarbonization and providing suggestions on using DX technology for improving work and maintenance efficiency and extending the lifespans of facilities.
    We have also turned our attention to the field of railway transportation overseas to reduce CO2 emissions, and are currently moving ahead with our aim to provide high-efficiency operations using DX technology.

  • Sendzimir rolling machine

An extensive array of domestic and overseas products

Non-ferrous metal processing

We have a longstanding record in delivering different kinds of manufacturing equipment and machinery used in the manufacturing of aluminum sheets, copper sheets, aluminum shaped materials, pipes and bars, and copper pipes and bars. We handle wide range of products line-up which are made in Japan, Europe, the United States, the Republic of Korea, China, and other countries for melting, casting, rolling, extruding, and other processes. We propose solutions best suited to customer needs.

Offering a wide variety of products together with a reassuring after-sales service system

Wire rod processing

  • We deliver different types of equipment to domestic steel wire and power cable manufacturers that produce steel wires and power cable for use in wire drawing, heating, stranding, coating, plating, insulation by extrusion, enameling and other processes such as rolling and post-treatment. Our product lineup ranges from high quality products produced in Europe to cost-effective products made in Asia for individual processes. We also offer secondary processing machine for cold finished carbon and alloy steel bars mainly from European machinery manufacturers. This extensive lineup enables us to propose products best suited to customer’s needs. We are fully prepared to offer after-sales services for equipment maintenance and operation to support different products made in other countries with our partner company.

  • Wire drawing machine of Mario Frigerio, Italy

Sale of marine equipment and engine component-related equipment

  • LPG Re-Liquefaction Plant(Nissin Gas Engineering Ltd.)
  • Dynamic Positioning System, Integrated Automation System,Simulator(Kongsberg Maritime AS)

A ship, a steel object from a hundred to several hundred meters long and dozens of meters wide and deep, is spectacular from the outside, but the inside is also quite impressive. A roaring, huge engine. Pipes and ducts meandering around the hull like blood vessels. And the myriad devices that control navigation and cargo handling. Ships are often compared to factories, but they are by no means simple factories.
Our company is a leader in the marine and engine component-related equipment business, a field that has been part of our business landscape for over half a century. Our customers are shipyards, shipping companies, and engine manufacturers not only in Japan but across the globe. We support big international projects ranging from gas carriers such as LNG and LPG carriers to new-fuel vessels including LNG-fueled ships, and work ships for offshore wind power installations.
We anticipate the current trends in shipping and shipbuilding, such as equipment and engine components for new-fuel vessels in response to recent tightening of environmental regulations, and digitalization efforts, and constantly introduce the latest products and technologies to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Meeting the needs of the times: new technology initiatives

For about half a century, we have introduced and supplied marine equipment boasting the latest technology across the globe, particularly from Europe to Japan, and from Japan to China and Korea. As the shipping industry continues to decarbonize, we will contribute to the global environment, shipbuilding, the ship machinery industry, and the shipping industry by supporting the development of new technologies, including those for new fuels, through our global network.
Examples of products handled:
Liquid hydrogen pumps, high-pressure pumps for LNG fuel, and compressors, etc. by Cryostar SAS
Heat exchangers for hydrogen/LNG fuel by Vahterus Oy

Marine Industry Processing Facility (Automated Production Equipment, After-sales Service) Your Dependable Integrator and Solution Provider

  • Automatic Round Chamfering Machine(Hirata Corporation)
  • Propeller and Rudder fitting Equipment(Hyundai Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.)

To shipyards and equipment manufacturers, SOMAC offers a wide array of production equipment that meets their needs to save cost, energy and manpower. Through our global network of experienced professionals we watch new technologies and innovations so that we can share with our clients. Our focus is on finding the best solutions for our customers and providing them with the exceptional after-sales service.

Main Products

Following are examples of typical products that we can offer :

  • Machine tools
  • FCB (welding equipment) and welding materials
  • heavy dutycarriers
  • plasma cutting equipment
  • various cranes
  • propeller and rudder fitting equipment
  • chamfering machines
  • double hull welding gantries
  • blastmachines
  • angle benders

Engineering Services

SOMAC is also an engineering service firm. Our collaboration with System Integrators from Europe and Americas allows us to introduce the newest solution to our clients.