Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy of Sojitz Machinery Corporation

We contribute to the development of humankind and society through innovation and the creation of new value in a borderless global society while pursuing the material as well as moral happiness of our employees.

We live on the Earth while maintaining harmony with nature. Since the Industrial Revolution, the barriers of national boundaries have continuously been reduced thanks to the development of communication infrastructure and faster transportation. As a result, we have experiencing a shrinking of the Earth as well as the unification of society at an increasing pace. As members of human society, Sojitz Machinery employees wish to work for and contribute to this process of ongoing evolution and development.

We aspire to develop pioneering fields so we can contribute to our society by discovering innovative and revolutionary techniques and products from all over the world as well as creating added value by combining different types of products or suggesting new business models.

We are a trading company. Employees are our a precious asset. Sojitz Machinery exists to provide opportunities for our employees to work and to encourage them to contribute to society through positive involvement in corporate activities. We also help them gain a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and achievement from their work and as a result gain income. This is truly one of our corporate principles and serves as the fundamental standpoint for the pursuit of the material and moral happiness of our employees.

Management Policy of Sojitz Machinery Corporation

“Customer Satisfaction” and “All-in-One”
Our employees become all-in-one solutions while maintaining accord and harmony within the company to positively take on challenges in coping with market needs and environmental changes and aim to be an active machinery trading company pursuing total customer satisfaction.

his management policy illustrates the corporate activities required to carry out our corporate philosophy.

Sojitz Machinery was established as a result of the merger of five subsidiary companies of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation. Our management policy calls for us to continuously promote energetic and vibrant sales activities for customer satisfaction under a new corporate culture while seeking to integrate and achieve harmony among ourselves, working in concert and positively pursuing challenges to cope with rapidly changing social needs and environmental changes.

Sojitz Group Statement

The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.

Details of the Sojitz Group Statement