Power & Nuclear Division

Power & Nuclear Division handles all types of transactions, including exports, imports, domestic, and off-shore trading, and in addition to equipment, components, and fuels for LNG plants, nuclear plants, and solar power plants, the Division also handles core substation equipment overseas, and develops business affairs in the fields of energy plants, power generation and substations in alignment with customer needs.

Total coordination of electrical power and energy projects

  • 400kV substation
  • KS Burner (artist’s image)

We are expanding our services throughout the world in alignment with the needs of a diverse range of customers in our role as a solution provider through electrical power projects involving overseas and domestic substation facilities and power generation facilities, which are vital elements for supporting social lifestyles, covering all aspects from the EPC duties that coordinate entire facilities through to supplying individual equipment.
In the field of combustion equipment, we inherited thermal technologies from the former KUWABARA Corporation, and with the use of these technologies, we are involved in the design, manufacture, and provision of after-sales services for process burners in heating furnaces, reformer furnaces in oil refineries and petrochemical operators, and duct burners for the reheating of flue gas in gas turbine co-generation systems, and have delivered large quantities of equipment to customers in Japan and overseas. We are also involved in the development of combustion technologies using hydrogen and ammonia fuel as part of our initiatives toward decarbonization.

Equipment for nuclear power-related facilities and chemical plants

  • Our company is expanding the import and sale of the following equipment:

    • Remote handling technologies (master/slave manipulators)
    • Sealing and shielding technologies (containers for transporting radioactive

    substances, shielding windows)
    These technologies are used in environments with high levels of radioactivity, such as nuclear fuel reprocessing plants and nuclear power research facilities, etc.
    We deliver and provide maintenance for the facilities used for washing the clothes of workers who work in radiation-controlled areas, and the facilities for measuring radioactivity in the waste vapor emitted from waste incineration and processing facilities in nuclear power plants.
    We also provide services for plant engineering companies and petrochemical manufacturers both in Japan and overseas in an intermediatory capacity by supplying them with various types of equipment and materials, such as heat exchangers, pressure containers and compressors, etc., that have been imported, exported and procured through offshore trading.

  • Container for transporting radioactive substances

Nuclear fuel and transportation

  • We are involved in the procurement and transportation of fuel elements (nuclear fuel cartridges) required for the operation of nuclear reactors for research purposes owned by research institutes and universities in Japan. The manufacturers of these fuel elements are Framatome SAS of France, with whom we have exclusive agency rights, and Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant PJSC of Russia. Since many of the fuel elements are custom-made, we also undertake production feasibility studies for the design and specifications of the fuel concerned.
    In addition, we also procure research samples and radioisotopes, and if the required specifications are not listed in the catalog, we negotiate with overseas manufacturers and then sell custom-made products.
    We are involved in the import of enriched uranium, which is the raw fuel assembly material for light water reactors in Japan. Not only do we arrange for transportation from overseas nuclear fuel plants in Europe and the United States, etc., but also carry out and assist in obtaining the permits for the protection of nuclear material and security trade control. In the same way as with the procurement of fuel elements, we also conduct feasibility studies related to transportation and permit acquisition.
    We are also engaged in the export of Japanese substances containing uranium to overseas factories for recycling purposes.

  • Nuclear fuel storage container

Equipment for Fukushima nuclear accident recovery and other projects

  • We are involved in the development of technologies that will contribute to the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. High-grade technologies are required for this due to them being used in environments with high levels of radiation, and we are currently engaged in the development of remote handling and sealing and shielding technologies together with companies based in France (Getinge-La Calhène, CLEO, etc.). The current stage of development has already completed the conceptual design, the basic design, key elemental technology verification tests, the production of prototypes, and actual equipment production.
    We are also proposing the use of overseas technology for processing and disposing of the sodium used as a coolant for decommissioning fast breeder reactors.
    We delivered robots used for dismantling facilities manufactured by Cybernex of France in the past when the SRU (steam generator) owned by the Tokai Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture, was to be dismantled, and the dismantling work was completed successfully with these robots. We will continue to work on development projects together with overseas partners to contribute to decommissioning work.

  • Items developed for the work involved in decommissioning the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station